BLM Kanab Phone Numbers

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Emergency Phone Numbers

Always leave your plans for the day with someone not in your party, together with instructions on whom to call if they do not hear from you by a certain date/time. This is particularly true if you are hiking alone; a broken leg can prove fatal if there is no one to go for help. You may be able to get a cellular signal; there is a Verizon (and perhaps other carriers?) cell tower south of Big Water on the road to the Paria Overlook. The tower is nearly 200 feet high. If you need to call one of the numbers below, keep in mind that only the Coconino and Kane County sheriff's dispatch lines and the Glen Canyon number are available 24 hours a day. Towing can be expensive, at least $500 from a close in location like the Pawhole Trailhead to $1,000 from the White Pocket.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Contact Phone Number Hours
Kane County Sheriff - Kanab,Utah +1 (877) 644-2349 24 x 7
Coconino County Sheriff - Flagstaff,Arizona +1 (800) 338-7888 24 x 7
BLM Kanab Field Office - Kanab,Utah +1 (435) 644-4600 M-F business hours only
BLM Arizona Strip Field Office - St George,Utah +1 (435) 688-3200 M-F business hours only
GSENM Kanab Visitor Center - Kanab,Utah +1 (435) 644-4680 See above
Glen Canyon NRA - Page,Arizona +1 (800) 582-4351 24 x 7
Ramsey Towing and Service - Kanab,Utah +1 (800) 940-2468 Unknown


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